How to find data from Airtable

how i can find specific data for table
such as id and password
( i saved all id and password in table. now i want to check password by id
which i typed in text box)

If you have written something in the table, you can check it by getting it from the table and using the loop to find the necessary data for all positions

thanks for reply
but how can i do
one more thing which is batter airtable or fireBase

Firebase is used for data with a hierarchical structure, where you need to log in using a password and quickly exchange data.

AirTable is used for data in tabular form and where ease of working with it is needed.

There are still differences, but I think this will be enough to start with.

thanks again for responses

i am building MLM (multi level marketing) app
can u suggest me which databases is best for me.

First, you need to define the data structure without having to access the database. Choosing where to store the database is the second issue and it can be attributed to technical issues. At the initial stage, you can use a text block to work with data. If you succeed, then you can go to the database selection.