Global Highscore List

Hi all - I am using Firebase and i want to use that and set up a Global Highscore List
First Question - Is firebase the correct one to use - or du you suggest any other because any reason?

Secondly: Can i get a guide line how to think.
I want to have users to create an alias if they want - and check that it is not used. And i want to be able to store a highscore - If the Score of this particular Alias is bigger than any on my top 50 score list…

How shall i structure this so it works with Firebase… ?

hello @stefansladdeneng1, If you use firebase for this project, then your project code will become some complex like you have to first fetch all scores, store them in al list, and then sort them and then showing top 50, i think you can also basic thukable storage also for your project, but i will suggest you to use Airtable for this project. It will be the best choice according to your need. Sorting & Record Ordering - Overview | Airtable Support.

Tried AIRtable with several projejcts over the last month but the Air Table get disconnected very often and you cant realtý trust the system to work. (Confirmed by others as well in the community) So i skip that. What would you suggest then? To simply add a row to a flat database. Firestore? other?
What do you suggest…

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