Any way to create a scoreboard without using Firebase?

Hey, i’m making a space invaders type game and i was given the task to make a scoreboard with the highscores. I’ve looked around the forum to no avail, all solutions use Firebase DB. Is there a way to circunvent this?

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Does the scoreboard need to be online or offline?

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Doesn’t matter, but would rather have an online one if possible

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To be able to use the scores by many users you need one of the external data stores (Airtable, Google sheet, Firebase) or you use APIs to connect to other kind of databases such as backendless or tiny dB and many others.

You’re not confined to Firebase but it’s easier to manage.

If you can settle for offline which means everyone will have his/her own scores only then you can use the local DB or stored variables.


How would i go about using the local DB to display one’s own sorted scores? I’ve tried already but i can’t seem to find a way to do so.

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Please show your blocks and what you have already tried for others to give you suggestions.

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Try using cloud variables

Cloud variabeles are powered firebase.
I suggest using Google Sheets