What are Thunkable developers doing

I was wondering what the Thunkable developers are doing? Android development has stopped almost completely it seems. Very few updates just some bugfixes. Support is provided almost entirely by the community.

In other communities with AI and its clones the developers themselves are very active in support and development. They answer questions and provide code samples, actively communicating with the users of their product.

I don’t see that here. Thunkable was THE company with a financial backed organisation. Other clones don’t have that luxury but are much much more productive that Thunkable.

What has gone wrong? I was an enthousiast user of Thunkable but nowadays i have to use it just because of the Googlemap component. The lack of visibility of the developers gives the impression that they don’t care.


they are doing all good. i care !


@Peter_Mathijssen I agree with what you have said,even I have reported some bugs which were later clarified as docs mistakes are unanswered by the team yet.
By the way, the reason may be that the community has grown too large that the team is feeling it difficult to answer all the questions but, in the meantime so many necessary posts are being unread by the team.Ofcourse, development is important for the team but, there are some essential features,components,help is needed for us(Thunkers) and also bugs are to be fixed which is also very important.
Peter doesn’t want to spread a hate speech & not even I but, he feels the necessity of the thunkable team to react to important posts.Guys all of us know even though the thunkable team is exploring the new features a lot but, it is also necessary to focus on few issues regarding old components and docs which are reported in several posts.
I request a specific mechanism that helps the community to follow in order to report an authenticated problem.
Apart from this Peter has also mentioned active participation of the team in community which I think is not necessary because they have done a great job with docs and beginner tutorials.

I feel the necessity of a support team for the community.
Hope this problem is fixed as soon as possible.

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This isn’t other communities Peter, this is the Thunkable community. A distinctive, unique and vibrant community that I’m proud to be a part of and where I’ve met lots of wonderful people who believe that any one, with the right tools and guidance, can build an app for Android or iOS devices.
The whole idea of a community is that it’s by the users for the users, no? There seems to always be some helpful and insightful users in this amazing community, 24/7, answering questions and helping their fellow users out, whether that’s questions about Android or iOS.

But…to get to your main question…

The Thunkable developers are creating and documenting an entirely new platform for iOS apps. There are constant updates and new components being added all the time. They have repeatedly stated that their immediate ambition is to get this product to that same standard as the Android platform. The most recent release, only a few days ago, adds features that only a few months ago many would have said were "impossible"

The Thunkable developers are active in the community almost every day of the week, answering questions and even helping users with their .aia files from time to time. When you consider that Thunkable is a free and cross platform product that’s an incredible amount of attention.

The Thunkable developers are creating free apps for their users.The first bus app, the VR app, the real-time chat app, spring to mind, all of which can be downloaded from the community or via their blog, but there are lots more.

The Thunkable developers are regularly releasing video tutorials, for Android and iOS, over on their YouTube channel, in fact just last night I noticed that they are now providing students the change to earn a certificate for completing the Hour of Code

The Thunkable developers are are travelling the world, working with companies like Google to promote computer science to young people.

The Thunkable developers are championing their users, developer and educators (including people like me) across their social media channels. Promoting stories and apps to tens of thousands of followers.

The Thunkable developers are getting recognised by the world’s most influential business magazine for their work.

The Thunkable developers are putting up their own money to support the developers of tomorrow, by running the Thunkable High School Summer Challenge

Personally Peter, I think that the Thunkable developers are doing a pretty good job.

##Ask not what Thunkable can do for you, ask what you can do for Thunkable!


In my view it is the same. Makeroid, App Inventor and Appy Builder are also communities for users searching help and answers for a product. Thunkable isn’t unique in that. Everywhere there are wonderful people as you describe it. That is also not unique to Thunkable. A lot of users are members of multiple communities like me. What i see as a difference in Thunkable is the lack of visibility of it’s developers.

It’s nice for developers to travel and for them to be recognized by a magazine. If developers are so busy with other things than develop the product they started with, there will be a problem. Other products will take over. You can see that already.

Even AI itself is now building a IOS port. What will be the need for Thunkable if that goes online and all the other clones can use the code and build on that. If users notice that the visibility of developers in other AI clone communities is bigger than they will go there.

So to quote President Kennedy the other way around:

Ask not what you can do for Thunkable, ask what Thunkable can do for you!


I completely agree with @Peter_Mathijssen!!!


Thanks for responding Peter (and Derick) I think I’m going to I should close this topic though as I feel like it will probably descend into “Vim or Emacs” / “Tabs or spaces” type of argument where everyone looses.

Thanks for your feedback though, I’m sure the Thunkable team will take it into consideration.


I would just add a little to what Domhnall expressed. One area of support that you might not think about is what we’ve been providing since the beginning through Intercom (i.e. the blue circle at the lower right of the screen in app.thunkable.com).

The community is intended to primarily be just that: users helping users, and I think it’s been doing a great job of that.



Creo que tienes toda la razón deje de estar activo en thunkable porque no hay nuevas cosas hace bastante, yo creo que thunkable es una plataforma increíble pero la están desperdiciando ,en cualquier momento cuando los demás usuarios se vayan dando cuenta que en otras plataformas hay muchos mas servicios se irán yendo de a poco y créanme que no quiero eso porque los desarolladores de thunkable y tanto como la plataforma tienen mucho potencial y muy bueno, se que están ayudando a la comunidad porque de hecho he recibido mucha ayuda de parte de ellos ,pero creo que es el momento de innovar con cosas nuevas.
con todos respetos,Nicolas

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Related to this topic, you might notice that we just released some new components and component updates! See https://docs.thunkable.com/android/release-notes.html for the details. Also note that we’ve made a concerted effort over the past couple of months to be more responsive in these community forums. Our work is a delicate balance of feature enhancement and bug fixing for two products, along with customer support, documentation, tutorials and other educational development. That’s in addition to the stuff that you don’t see directly, like product planning, business development, release and deployment management, design, product testing, UI/UX testing, etc. The bottom line is that there is lot’s going on at Thunkable but, unfortunately, not everything we do is going to be directly and visibly related to every user’s specific needs or desires. We’re trying, though, and we’ll continue to try harder!

Happy Thunking!

En relación con este tema, es posible que notes que acabamos de lanzar algunos componentes nuevos y actualizaciones de componentes. Ver https://docs.thunkable.com/android/release-notes.html para más detalles. También tenga en cuenta que hemos realizado un esfuerzo conjunto en los últimos meses para ser más receptivos en estos foros comunitarios. Nuestro trabajo es un delicado equilibrio de mejora de funciones y corrección de errores para dos productos, junto con asistencia al cliente, documentación, tutoriales y otro desarrollo educativo. Además de las cosas que no se ven directamente, como la planificación de productos, el desarrollo comercial, la gestión de lanzamientos e implementaciones, el diseño, las pruebas de productos, las pruebas de UI / UX, etc. La conclusión es que hay muchas cosas sucediendo en Thunkable pero, desafortunadamente, no todo lo que hacemos se relacionará directa y visiblemente con las necesidades o deseos específicos de cada usuario. ¡Lo intentamos, sin embargo, y continuaremos esforzándonos más!



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Does that means I have to use it on regular basis. Because I prefer not to disturb developers forcefully.

you have posted this question in another topic also. posting there was also off topic but I thought " it’s ok… he is new in the community… he is excited with the app idea he has and anxious to get started…"

but instead of making a new topic describing in detail your idea so that you can have some help you keep posting the same question everywhere… no one will help you in this way and you will end up saying Thunkable is :water_buffalo::poop:.


Sir please help me I am a new one this community

Go to http://community.thunkable.com/
On the bottom right corner you will see a Blue + button, if you hold your mouse over it will become larger and it will say “New topic”, press that button, and fill inn all information as good as you can, then someone will help you :wink:

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Thanks, @Gudguy! We appreciate that you don’t want to disturb the Thunkable developers unnecessarily :wink: I didn’t mean to imply that people should use it on a regular basis. Most of the time posting to the community will yield faster and better results.



“Last chance to save on PRO — don’t miss out! Annual plan price will increase to $200/year on Jan 15”. I am unable to even get the Thunkable Live to show anything after logging in it (and I have tried on more than one phone and even ‘restored to factory’ to attempt to restore functionality of the app and it is still not working).


2019 ThunkableX came out in place and it looks pretty awesome. Developers are now adding fantastic features.


In my point of view, Thunkable made a community with the classic platform and now changed plans to drop the classic version and as a solution proposes to migrate to AI which is not possible right now.

It’s like “use it, it’s free” and someday “it’s not free anymore”. This is a very common tactic.

I can understand that Thunkable tries to earn money. But I feel very sorry about me (and others) because it will be hard to keep updating published apps.