Weekly duty update Roaster app

am working on a App where by users can see weekly roaster,so i use the "do something"component from the blocks to trigger the Airtable to get data stored in it.
from Row Option- I set it to “days of the month” but its not working.
I simply want it to be able to update weekly automatically

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Hi, you’ll need to share a screenshot of your blocks.

The “do something” component is a function. Any blocks you place inside of a function will not run until the function is called. There will be a separate block in the functions drawer with the name of the function that you create. That block has to be added to an event block.

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Hi @itzvinie - just to follow up on our previous conversation, does your Airtable have 31 rows? (i.e is “day of the month” a valid Input here for the rowNum?)

No…i figured out that i was wrong with the Day of the Month i used,as the Row is just 4 rows.
but i just want the APP to show update weekly(i.e each row for a week)