Using Any Component switch to change data in Airtable


Kindly refer the attached blocks.

In Block 1, I am calling data from Airtable based on a certain condition(Is Open). If condition is met, using Any Component Label, I display data in a Column. I also display a Switch against every Label only if the the Status property in Airtable is blank.

In Block 2, If a Switch value is changed, I disable the Switch.

In Block 3, if Switch is disabled, I change the Status property in Airtable to Done else I leave it blank.

It would be really helpful if anyone can help me identify whats wrong or can there be any other way to do this.

Thanks in advance.Block 1 Block 2 Block 3

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In Block 1 , kindly read the Button component as Label component.

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Does block3 (Button4) work?

I would be shocked if it worked?


Its Yes and No both. I had tried doing some experiment like changing the button text when the IF condition is met. It worked. However, nothing happens for Airtable block. Apart from Airtable, I had also tried Realtime DB, and List Viewer along with a Cloud variable. But none of them works. Can you help plz.

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The row ID in Airtable is a 32 long alphanumeric string so your code will not match any row ID in the table and therefore no update will take place.

Okay. So is there an alternate way that you can suggest. Thanks in advance.

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Why not use a custom data viewer list. DVL will save the row ID and use it as its index so you can make use of it.

Another one is to use the label or any other component not showing in your list but saves the row ID the time you loop through the records. This way you will have the row ID to point to the record to be updated.