Update data list viewer airtable

Hi everyone
I´m working with the new Data List Viewer and I´m experiecing some issues with Airtable
I get values from an Airtable sheet and I´m able to see it but when i try to update I don´t know why it doesn´t work

I used the same blocks with a local DB and it works only when I refresh the app



PS: when I click the button, my device vibrate but doesn’t navigate to Screen 3. It seems to be that it get stuck in the update block.

Does anybody knows why is this happening?
Thank you for your help

Anyone? I just figure out about something
I wasn´t able to update data because of the properties of the colunm on Airtable.
It only works with a Single line text. I doesn´t work with #´s or $ or checkbox, etc.


If a block does not work, then you need to check whether this block is called by the system at all or not.

Thanks actech
Now I know this block is working but it has some issues with some configuration of the columns in airtable (numbers, currency, etc.) I can´t upload numbers in a column configurate as a number type

Change the column type to text and enter numbers in it

That is what I did. It is not my best option because I need this column as a currency, but it is ok for now

Now I have another question.
Is it possible to custommize the column that shows on subtitle in the data list viewer?
I need to show something diferent depend on wich month are we and I have diferent columns to show diferent months


For example, if month(for example May) = currently month, get “Mayo”, if month= currently month, get “Junio”, etc.

I now how to do it with variables and textbox but I it would be amazing if this info shows on list viewer

You can use data filtering to solve your problem. Since the Data Source and Data Viewer components are raw, I don’t want to waste time working with them. I have already tried using data filtering and searching with these components and only encountered problems.

@actech can’t wait for it!