Data Viewer List Customize

really there is no way to customize character, size, border etc for this component? just the general block …

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Check alternative solutions.

In my case I take the data from airtable, where there is no data formatting. if the component does not foresee personalization, I fear that there are no alternative ways but I hope I’m wrong.

You are mistaken. See the blocks for working with AirTable, and especially the “getallrows” block.

Sorry, I got distracted and forgot to give the link

eh ok … out of the data viewer yes with the clone block.
This component is so useful that I hoped it could be customized a little more.

however, since the data viewer components are very powerful, it would be highly appreciated to be able to customize the various elements.
The community would be very happy.
Many thanks

I’m sorry, but I can only partially agree with you. If we had a high-performance engine for working with any components,we could do without Data Viewer.

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Sorry to hijack this thread, I don’t even know if this is the place to ask this question really but I didn’t want to start a new thread.

Can you change the text colour in data viewer list? I’ve got a list, and then I have a number in the subtitle of each list item, that increments by one when the user tells it too.

The problem is the subtitle text is grey and I could do with changing it so that it shows clear against my background picture.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread and thanks for any help.