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hi Guys

I need your help!! Following situation:

I created in airtable a table (name „Tagesmenu“) with this fields:

Datum Date in the format dd/mm/yyyy

Kuchen01 Name of the cake of the day

Kuchen02 Name of the day’s second cake

Suppe Soup of the day

Speziell Specialty of the day

Actually there are around 100 entries in the table.

As an example, I would like to get the row with today’s date and display Cake01, Cake02, Soup and Special.
Get the actual date works:


My further dumb blocks don’t work … :frowning:
To get the row in Table Tagesmenu with the actual date don’t work:


Can someone help me? thank you very much

Kind regards

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Two things to note here
The if condition should be between the app variable and the object Datum. You are trying to retrieve the object that has Datum = app variable which is not available. So it should be
App AktuellesDatum = get property Datum of object j

The default date format of Airtable is date and time together so first check the content of Datum in object and make sure it is in similar format to your app variable.

Happy Thunking :grin:

Ey muneer

Thank you very very much for your reply. Today I will check your hints and inform you about the results.

Greetings from Switzerland :slight_smile:


To mention a person in particular use the @ sign followed by the name and the forum will send a notification to that person so you can get better attention. Eg @toni.gennert8m3yr

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ok !

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Hey muneer
Please excuse my late reply. I still have 4 grandchildren who provide action :wink:

The problem was actually the date format, which did not match the settings made. The problem is solved Thank you for your help !!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year



look at my reply. The problem is solved Thank you for your help !!!

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Merry Christmas to you and my best regards to the grandchildren :clap: :tada:

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