[Solved] Attempting to only show specific rows in dataviewer

I have this to-do list app. There is a date picker in the to-do list. I’m trying to only show rows from the airtable for a selected day.

For example, if it’s 1/21/2021, then the user would see all their to-do list for 1/21/2021.

I tried something like this:

But it didn’t work.

I’m not sure if this is possible so I wanted to see if it was, and if it is how would I do this.

Here is a link to the app if you’d like to have a look inside:

What does your airtable data look like?

It looks like this!:

I think you’d want to find the starting row # for that particular date and the ending row # and then get the column called “item” and create a list that contains those cells. Then, keep only the list items within that range (starting row to ending row).

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Alright! I’ll try that, thank you!

I think I didn’t explain what I was trying to accomplish effectively.
I was able to find the first occurrence of the selected date and the last occurrence of the selected date. I was trying to only show the items inputted on a selected date in the data viewer, is that possible? In other words, I’m wondering if it’s possible to only show a certain number of rows in the data viewer

Something like this (I know why this doesn’t work) but i was wondering if this idea was possible…

Thanks again for the help!

When I retrieve a “date” formatted Airtable cell in Thunkable, it appears in the format “2021-01-22” even though in Airtable, it shows up as “January 22, 2021”. So I’m guessing that your date strings aren’t matching even when the compared dates are the same.

But I definitely think what you’re trying to do is possible.

Right! I saw that as well and changed the date format of my date picker!
I was just having trouble only displaying the selected rows, any ideas on how I could do that?

I’m working on a demo for you… but Thunkable is giving me delayed and different results every time I preview the project so I’m not getting very far. :angry:

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It’s okay! I know it can be annoying, so you really don’t have to if it’s out of your way right now!

Okay! I think I figured out how to do it,

I’m having trouble figuring out how to set the property of a clicked list viewer item.
(right side of code when user presses finished button)

You’re setting the value of the “item” variable to the green item block, which is the title of the listviewer item that was clicked. But then you’re trying to use the “index” variable in the “when finished click” block. Have you defined that value? I assume you meant to define it above in the listviewer “item click” block.

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Okay, I defined it but it still doesn’t change the airtable row or list viewer item?

The same issue I replied to in another post.