WebViewer is Blank (seeing White screen) in IOS App at iPhone (not Live)



I created 6 screens. (with HTML code)
You can try and see download from IOS app to your iphone. (Live is ok!)
What is solution?
Any ones Help me?


Please provide more information and the applicable blocks that are causing the issue.

Is it a local .html asset or a remote one. etc.

What does

Refer too?


Is it true for Fontsize block? I am using that.
In Testflight on Apple it didnt seeing but on live test from thunkable working


Is it working with the forced 16pt?

You have me guessing what you are asking.


Not working these blocks on Apple TestFlight.
I didnt fix now but i will


I am telling you this block not working on TestFlight so itunes connect send me a message.


Still not working on my app. Webview is working any one on apple or andorid app, not live.



Can you post a screenshot of the specific block that is not working for you please, @Doctor_Soft?




Did you say that you were trying to change the value of the font-size property?

What is the bilgi variable for?


I think this problem has about row or column.
I fixed move column and row.
If webviewer is in Row working, in Column not working. I dont know why.


Can you explain what you mean by “not working”

Do you that mean that the WebViewer does appear in a row and doesn’t appear in a column? What do you expect it to do and what is actually happening?



But when i download ios mean my phone it is seeing blank. Not seeing blank on Android Apk.
I ask to Hristo but not figure out.


I have no idea what you are asking about. Please answer @Domhnall and explain what is not working, include screen shots, help us help you!


When i download ios app seeing webview this picture.
Bilgi variable is html code like info.
Font-size property.
If i write any website it is seeing on webview.



I created 6 screens. (with HTML code)
You can try and see download from IOS app to your iphone.
What is solution?
Any ones Help me?


Did you check?

download ios to your iphone please.