WebViewer is Blank (seeing White screen) in IOS App at iPhone (not Live)

Thanks. Anyone tried it?

Still same issue. Any one help me?

On iOS, all the data in WebViewer are displayed. On Android, the data in WebViewer is not displayed on screens 5 and 7.

You are wrong. I tried lots of time my iphone (after download or testflight) not seeing, i mean white screen…

Just check my project.

I tested your project only in Live on iOS 12.2

You’re right. You’re right. If the application is installed on iOS, then nothing is displayed in WebViewer. And it’s very bad!!!

This is a question for the developers of Thunkable X!!!

Thanks for understanding.
@Mark @domhnallohanlon @mike

I’m afraid that the use of ‘data:’ URLs is not a supported feature of the Web Viewer. The fact that it works in some situations, e,g, the iOS Live companion, is somewhat accidental. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news.


Thanks but few months ago it worked not saw white screen.
Nowadays it seeing white screen.
Because of my old app’s webscreen is seeing very well on Iphone.
I hope this bug will fix Thunkable’s Team soon.

@doctorsof Are you saying that there was a project with some “data:” URLs that you downloaded (or published) to your iPhone a while ago and it worked, but the same project doesn’t work now when you download it to your iPhone? Or am I misunderstanding the situation?

It doesn’t change the fact that the support for “data:” URLs was never intentionally supported but it would still be nice for us to figure out what is going on, for when we decide that we really do want to support it.


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  • Same Project when i downloaded to my iphone it doesnt working/When i uploaded TestFlight also doesnt working too. (While Ago it was working so i didnt reupdate my app on iTunesconnect)

  • While i am using Thunkable live app it is working.

I am also using iPhone both you know.

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When you say:

Are you talking about the exact same project, or have you made changes since the time it was working?


This app.

I reuploaded so new version. All webview seeing white.

Hi guys. This bug still going or fixed?

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Hello Guys,

I Have the same problem …

In Android is ok, but in iphone webview is White

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Same problem…

Same issue.
I have an app on App Store that works good.

In this app there is a web viewer to a fórum.

I translated the app, test again…and the login on the forum (in the web viewer) doesn’t work. Just for iOS tablet.

How is it possible?

Thanks in advice,

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WTF only problems with Thunkable? I can’t believe

we may have the same issue.