WebViewer + Google Maps Bug Fixes (Mar 24)

Hey Thunkers,

Just wanted to let you know that we (finally) fixed a couple of bugs on WebViewer and Google Maps that were introduced in our last release. For Google Maps app developers, you will have to make a slight change to initializing your map blocks which we hope will be easy and more stable in the future.

Google Maps - Bug fix for live testing with Google Maps

  • Updates Map initialize settings from Screen.Initialize to MapIsReady.
  • Existing projects that have Screen.Initialize will not work during Live Testing but may work with Exporting an .apk.
  • See updated documentation here

WebViewer - Bug fix for live testing with Webviewer

  • Should work now with no change from users

Thanks for your patience and happy weekend everyone!


Hi. Thanks. This solved the problem when I use Google Maps. However, I am not sure how to use your solution for a fusiontable map view. On the screen that uses the fusiontable map view I am still getting same notification. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.