Web viewer problem or bug (solved)

Hello everybody, I have been stuck with an issue that I don’t know how to fix, so I was hoping you could help me.

The thing is I have 3 so called “web viewers” on one screen, which visualize google charts using HTML and my issue is with the 3-rd one. When I launch the app and it starts loading the 3-rd web viewer it seems to cover the rest even when its size is fixed. In the past I have had the same issue with the second one, and I fixed it when I set is as a row and enabled Scrollable . When you click 2 times on the chart it shows the other 2 web viewers. Here is a link with a video that’s shows the problem.
(I seem to have solved it, but the way it got fixed doesnt make sense to me, so what i did was clicking some places just trying to figure out what is causing the issue and when i changed the height of the row from “absolute” to “%” and then revert it back to “aboslute” somehow fixed my issue. Would be great if someone could explain me how it got fixed like that.)