Maps Layout Crashing Bug

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I opened a topic about this back in September and thought the issue was fixed, however it’s not. The bug still exists and it crashes my app as well as the thunkable live app everytime they are opened.

If I go back to the august update on the thunkable live app, everything works perfectly. Can you guys compare code to see what has changed? This is going over a month now of app crashing and me not being able to test anything. Can we please get this resolved soon?

I have a page called “Map” that contains the map visual elements. However the app crashes before I can even navigate to that page. It crashes upon opening the app. As far as the error message goes, it appears to be caused by the maps.

I’m not sure if it’s just for Android or for both Android and apple. I have a Google pixel 7 pro currently. However the same bug exist on the Samsung note 10 and the moto x 2 devices that I’ve tried it on.

The thunkable live version that works is 331-2. Any version after that is nothing but bugs.
Here is the link to the last non-buggy thunkable live APK:

Here is the link to my project:
I’ve attached screenshots of the error messages.


I just viewed it in my mobile and I can see the screens

I have the version 340-2

I’m not sure what it is then… But it’s definitely crashing.

Will it crash if you open it, go to another app like Google maps, then open thunkable live again? See if it will crash then.

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I just did. It works OK.
Could the problem be in the BLE connection? Of course I do not have the tracker device but I kept the Bluetooth ON just in case.

I don’t get it. I wish someone else could replicate it. Perhaps it could be when I’m connected to the device through Bluetooth. But I can’t even get to the homepage to connect to the device. So I don’t think it’s the Bluetooth.

It does have something to do with the maps though. Because if I set all the maps to visible I don’t get the crash anymore. So it’s something to do with the map elements. And maybe something else to cause the bug. But I’m not sure after that.

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On an iPhone 11, I can open the app and tap on the Maps icon at the top. It doesn’t crash for me.

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What versions of iOS or Android are you testing on?

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I’m testing android 13, 12, and a modified version of android 11. Those are the versions on the 3 different android devices.

@tatiang it seems most people can’t replicate the issue. I don’t know why. There is definitely an issue tho. I attached the crash messages. Like I said, when I set all the maps to visible, I don’t get the crash. So it’s something to do with the map layouts and something triggering that bug. Maybe the Bluetooth, maybe a loop glitch. I just don’t know.I feel like It’s something in the actual coding of these blocks and not a logical block error on my part. (At least from all the trouble shooting I’ve already done). So it’s something the developers are going to have to fix. I just know the august version (331-2) is the only one that works for me.

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That sounds very frustrating. I know it doesn’t help much to hear people say “it doesn’t crash for me” but since you asked about Apple devices, I thought I’d at least chime in. Hopefully Thunkable Support can help with this one.


It is frustrating for sure. But I think it’s still helpful even if it’s not crashing. Maybe that can help narrow it down. Because what process is different between you and I? It’s the Bluetooth in general for one, and for another the state of connection to the tracking device as well as when the loops are triggered to run in my block code.

So just my logical thinking, the glitch might be triggered by either Bluetooth (not connected or connected), a process in a loops statement that doesn’t like the Bluetooth or the maps, or just a weird glitch in the android versions that I have.

I’ve also noticed the Bluetooth never truly disconnects unless I call the actual Bluetooth disconnection block. However if I don’t, my phone always stay connected to the Bluetooth device. But the app won’t recognize that’s it’s connected. I have to turn the device off and back on again (or turn my phone’s Bluetooth on and off again) before it can connect again. So even when it crashes, my Bluetooth can still be connected to the device.

On the thunkable live app I can’t get past the opening of the app. However in the actual app I downloaded onto my phone in the middle of October, I am able to clear the storage data in the app to make it work. But as soon as I go to another app and then get back into mine, it crashes. After I clear the storage data, and try to reconnect, it says it can’t find the device that I’m trying to connect to. That’s when I turn my Bluetooth off or power the tracker on and off to reset the Bluetooth connection. It will then be able to reconnect. It’s just a very annoying and time consuming process.

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Let me add some comments here

  • Bluetooth connection:
    Thunkable does not check connection status of Bluetooth devices and this is why it does not recognize if the device is already connected to your phone or not. This is a design issue from Thunkable side.

  • Known issues:
    It is known that both Maps and Web Viewers causes crash in some systems when are initially hidden. The crash is caused even if you keep them visible but inside a hidden row or column.

  • Debugging crashes:
    When trying to localize the issue in your project, you will be faced by another Thunkable design issue which is the difficulty to debug screens inside a navigator.

In Thunkable, navigators initialise all screens at once and therefore you will never know which screen is the cause of the error. You need to take all screens off the navigator and test them one by one to localize the error.

Hope this helps.


This is actually really helpful. I didn’t realize all of that. Thank you. I’ll debug today after work.


Things I’ve noticed in my debugging:

  • If I set all the maps to visible initially upon opening the app and then manually change it to where only 1 map is visible, the app seems to stay stable and not crash even when I open another app and then reopen the thunkable live app.

  • If I am using google maps (the app) to navigate to a location and then open the thunkable live app to check the location of the tracker, the thunkable live app totally restarts. I then have to go through the process of turning off the tracker and turning it back on to reconnect my phone via bluetooth since thunkable cannot sense bluetooth connection.

    • I’m not sure if it’s because of some conflict of having two instances of google maps on two different apps, but it is definitely causing some conflict in some way.
    • I also noticed that when I use google maps (the app) it automatically puts my phone in “do not disturb” mode. So I’m not sure if that mode might cause conflict with the thunkable live app or not as well.
  • So far, as long as I start the app with the maps all visible initially the bluetooth seems to work fine without glitches. So I’m thinking there is no correlation to the maps visible/not visible bug and the bluetooth.

  • I would also like to reiterate that the august version 331-2 has no issues what so ever. So if the engineers on the back end could compare code to the august version as far as the maps visibility goes, maybe they would find the issue more efficiently.

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@muneer is there any update as far as them being able to fix the maps visibility issue?

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I’m sorry for the late response. I am away in a business trip and did not have enough time to check the messages.

The only safe way for your issue is to keep all Map components visible and use the size to make it the smallest possible to hide it or use the position and shift it out of the screen viewing section. Change the size/position as required when you want to show the map.

@josh.pilot538 There is a fix that will be released for this soon. Thank you for being patient.

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That’s good to hear, thank you for letting me know!