Screen Crashes when navigating to a page with Map component

Hello. My screen crashes when my app navigates to a second screen. Is it because I have a map component on my second screen?


Hello. You should tell us that. If you remove Map, does the app work? Add blocks one at a time and find the block that is causing the crash.

Hi, I have the same problem. I was part of the group that was in the discussion regarding the Thunkable Live app crashing when it opened, and the one regarding installed app crashes.

In Thunkable Live, when testing the app, everything works fine except for the screen that has a map component in it.
Whenever I navigate to screens that have a map component in them, the whole app screen goes white and there are no buttons you can press, so you just have to re-start the app, and even after you re-start, the same thing happens.

I am using version 205 of the Thunkable Live app for iOS.

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I just wanted to let you know that the same problem does not occur for me. Is it perhaps something in your code?



A few months ago, I noticed that after adding the Map component to an empty app (and there were no blocks in the block editor), the app crashed in the Memu Play emulator. If Iā€™m not mistaken, this emulator worked on Android 5 and then it seemed to me that the problem was in this emulator itself, since there were no such problems in Bluestacks. But, now it turns out that someone has similar problems now. So there is something strange about the Map component after all.