Location blocks crash whole app


can you explain me why following blocks suddenly crash the whole app in companion while they used to work fine?

I use the latest companion and it will just freeze in a blank screen and not update at all afterwards. It works when I remove those blocks but there shouldn’t be any error in the blocks as they used to work fine before? Also use almost the same blocks in another app where (except from some recent bug that would always re-focuse the users location instead of just doing it once) it works…

The only current way to prevent the crash is to remove these blocks but the same blocks work fine in the other app?! It does not make any sense to me :roll_eyes:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-19 um 20.48.40

Btw: the current builder is not working in Safari on Mac - I cannot scroll at all through the components :frowning:

Best, Chris

Also these blocks mess up the project on map touch and again result in a blank screen and freeze:

Did you change something relating the coordinate component? If this no longer works, this would f*ck up most of my projects on Thunkable :roll_eyes:

Update: After I did nothing except for re-opening the other project that includes the same blocks (mentioned in the first post), it also messed it up completely and now it will immediately result in a blank screen… This project worked fine before and was not changed - there’s even a released build on the app store - seems like changes to the platform cause this to suddenly have problems?

Also happens in the built app that is exactly the same as the one currently in the app store except that is was built today and the app store version was built some weeks ago…

Best, Chris


Problem with the Map component. The white screen occurs because this component does not return an event object, and you are trying to call properties for it.

At the moment, I see only one good solution - to use Google Map in Javascript.

thanks but that would not work well I guess (how do you imagine to do this? because we can’t even communicate between the app and a webview, right?) Also I honestly don’t want to re-do all the work again… pretty annoying that this was messed up all of a sudden :roll_eyes:

Now we can easily exchange data between WebViewer and App, but as you correctly noted, this is not the solution to the problem, because then the question arises, if it can be programmed in JavaScript, then what are the blocks for?