Maps Doesn't work

The app crashes and doesn’t work and i think it could be because of the maps. I am doing this project for school and i need to know why its not working as it is due very soon.
Ive tried it on every device it just doesn’t work

Hello @17349en :wave:

Does your app crash as soon as the map loads or after? Are there any blocks associated with the map that may be causing the crash?

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the app crashes as soon as i press live test. and im not sure, are you able to look at the blocks?

If you can take a screenshot of them or if you don’t mind sharing your app with me I’d be happy to at least take a look for you

Can I ask what the “selector” components text is set to when you call for it in the get weather function? From what I can tell I don’t see any map blocks in use until the list viewer or selector is clicked, so perhaps the issue lies in the web api blocks

The crash is caused by an error in your GET request. You are trying to work with non-existent data.

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The selector component is to select the city
And sorry could you be more specific of what i could do to make it work

i changed the get to post. still doesnt work

You misunderstand me. You have an error in the data request. You think that they were received, but in fact you have incorrect data coming from the request. What do you think the phone should do if you give it the command take 100$ from the wallet, and the wallet itself does not exist? The phone sends you an error, but you ignore it and ask why the app crashes?

Do you think that the “error” and “status” blocks are given for beauty and they are not needed at all? Then ask yourself, why did the developers attach these unnecessary blocks to the purple block?

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