App crashes after minutes of opening

My app crashes ,and shows the error below

Can you show us some blocks for the screen that was opened? It is hard to tell what might be going wrong.

When I get errors like that, here are the first things I check:

  1. Are map coordinates (which much be numbers) formatted as strings “-123.857”?
  2. Do any JSON object blocks reference properties not in the object?
  3. Are there any variables with null values?
  4. Do any lists refer to elements outside of the list (e.g. Get # 7 when the list only has 4 elements)?
  5. Did you try to change properties of a map with VISIBLE = FALSE?
  6. Did you reference a cloud variable without authenticating?

What is your phone display if you were to click see details

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This is the error response I get when I click on DETAILS