Need Help - Screen Crashes

When I open a particular screen, it will crash if I don’t have Thunkable-X open to that screen.

See attached zip file for a copy of my blocks. Also, when I open a web link for an event, I get an error. (2.8 MB)

If your application worked well before, then remember what you have changed in it since.

If the WebViewer shows an error, then check what is passed to it in the URL property.

If it breaks when you start the application, turn off all the blocks and find the block whose operation causes a crash. Note that even an application without blocks may crash if any component is simply added to it or its blocks are used that fail.

Yes, I checked all changes. The app runs perfectly when Thunkable X is open with the scrEventSelected screen. If Thunkable X is on another screen, the scrEventSelected screen won’t display and the app returns to the splash screen.

I am passing the url directly from the Jason api. It will load about 90% of the webpage then I get the error.

When copy and paste the url directly in the browser, it works perfectly.

Have you disconnected all the blocks from all Screen the Start and Opens blocks? Does the application crash in this case?

I disconnect all screen Opens blocks. Yes, the screen crahses - Same results.
I am not using the screen starts. What’s the difference? Open v Start.

Try to remove the Map component from the application. After that, the application run or crashes?