BUG with map component

hello community.

i use map component in my app.when i try to disabel visibility of map or layout contain map component app crashes.

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Hi @Mr_Nicolas - sorry to hear about this.

Can you share a simple project with a Minimum Working Example of this issue so we can test it out, please?


thank you for response.

how can i share project? i can not download aia file


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Hi there,

I built this minimal app that contains a Map component within a Column.

I have a Button to toggle the visibility of the Map, and a Button to toggle the visibility of the Column.

This app seems to work on Android and iOS.

Could you test out the app and let us know if it works for you?

What device are you testing your apps on?


it works with your project. but when i change my blocks according to yours it continue crashing again. not solved.

my device is xiaomi mi 8 lite

Could you copy the URL of your app project from your browser and send it to me?

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