Issue "View Map on Mobile"

I have a problem. Whenever i use Map component it shows this. Anyone know how to fix this or disable? I have tried it on a mobile with no luck. Anyway we have a school project so we will have to present this on the computer so viewing on a mobile does not help at all. Here should be a picture, i hope it opens but if not i have descibed the issue anyway.

Can you share a link to your project?

What type of mobile device have you live tested it on?


I have managed to make it work, if i view it on my phone.
Unfortunately that doesn’t help because, we are working on a school project and the presentation is going to be made through Live test on PC.
So the problem as i have described, is that when i drag my map component to the working sheet/screen it just says i need to test on a phone. And the Live test also shows just that.

On YT videos, i just see people dragging map component and it appears on the working sheet/screen.

Here is the link to my project:

I havent enabled you to see my APIs or password. Let me know if i need to do that.
Does that have to do something with the setting or API or something? Or is this the only way you can work on a map?

Thank you for your help.

V V sre., 15. mar. 2023 ob 15:47 je oseba (he/him) via Community <> napisala:

Hello @aljo
I understand your concern there.
The map component works for now only on Android and iOs devices.
A way to link a map in your app is to add an open link block and navigate the users into google map

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