Google Map Web API

Okay, I’ve got some fearsome THUNKing to do and I need the hard core thunkers to help me out.

As many of you know, the Web App does not support the Map component :-(. But it SHOULD be possible to use the WebViewer and the Google API to to re-create the Thunkable mapping features of Polyline, Polygon, and markers.

Any of you crossover programmers know how to do this? And yes, I know it will require a google API key. I am willing to pay for the Google API key, but I would like ot avoid using any pay-to-play APIs other than Google or Thunkable if possible.

Whatcha got?

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hey there, just use w3 schools if possible and in some way it might help you website link .

and this is for polylines and polygons:

@drted and this is all about google maps :
and you can’t aviod the api

Thanks for the w3 link. I undertstand that using the Goolge API will involve some non-thunkable coding. But let’s say I write an HTML page with java script. How can I run that page from thunkable?

Thank you for the link. Yes I have found it very helpful. But I still don’t know how I can run a javascript program from inside thunkable.

Using the webviewer ted! Dm me. Let’s chat!!

So, you can just add a web viewer and make it invisible and if you want to get any info from the web viewer just use the web viewer post message option, and if you just don’t know in javascript how to message to the thinkable, then I suggest you see this git hub source code of the js code (how to post a message to thinkable by js). I hope that works for you and set up link: and this is to post a message if you know, ignore this
ThunkableWebviewerExtension.postMessage(‘hello world’);