Google Maps IOS

** What feature are you requesting?**

Hello, I’ve been having some Google Maps development problems. I am trying to add Google Maps to my app but cannot seem to access some of the basic components such as accelerator. The block menus also are different than the tutorials online. Am I missing something?

Hello lillialuna,

  1. What are your difficulties when working with Google Map? You can work with Google Map API through the Web Viewer component by uploading your html-page to it.

  2. The component accelerator does not exist in Thunkable X.

  3. Recently, the interface of the Thunkable X development environment in the view editor and the block editor has been changed. Therefore, it differs from what is shown in the tutorials online that was created earlier.

My app requires access to the geolocation of the device. It seems thunkable x does’nt have a way of doing that. If not, will it have?

Try it like this

Code for geolocation.html.

if (navigator.geolocation) {
	alert("Geolocation not supported");
function getLocation(position){
    var lat = position.coords.latitude;
    var lng = position.coords.longitude;
	alert("latitude: " + lat+"\nlongitude: "+ lng);
function getError(err){
	alert("Error code: " + err.code);


Thanks a lot. It works.
Now, how to get lat/lon info from webViewer into variables in blocks?

You can find it here

This is not exactly what you need. Why do you need this data in blocks? Can further processing be possible on the web side?