Glide + Thunkable

Hi, i have a PWA made with Glide Apps and tried to use a webview with thunkable.

my problem is i cannot get the geolocation (show my current location) to work.

Has anyone tried this before?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking but if you just want the phone’s current location to appear in a web app from Thunkable, yes that’s possible.

Yes that’s great but how do allow the webviewer to ask user to allow location access?

I created an app to test, on iOS the location works fine. but on android, nothing happens.

Hmm, sorry, I can’t help you there. I only develop for iOS.

This thread is long but perhaps the end of it would be helpful to you:

hey there the best solution I can give you is reference website link , If an queries just search in it only bout js : and this only for maps component and many more features and all about bootsrtap and many more check that website and the main website is w3 schools

and one more thing you must pay for it

Hi all, thanks for replying. It seems i made a noob mistake.

I had tested it on a Samsung Galaxy X5 (2014 model) and geolocation wouldn’t work.

But after testing it on a Samsung Note 5, it works fine.

So it’s possibly the old OS has issues that interfered. Testing it on newer devices has no issue too.

@jkkr6, but you can turn any Thunkable project into a web app?

Also, why not use the location sensor in your app?

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