I want to subscribe for all my apps from websites

Hi there i am looking to subscribe to create apps with thunkable. However I need to convert wepsites to apps using webviewer. But I have noticed webviewer does not play the sound, and does not open gps directions properly in the app.

Also I want a custom error page, and a loading within the pages of the webviewer. Please help

I do not recommend to just wrap a website into an app with a webview. First of all it does not have any additional value for the end-user and second, Apps that only display content from the web are usually rejected by Apples and Googles app stores.

GPS is working fine for me when I embed for example https://www.where-am-i.net within webview. The companion app will ask to access location and then I am asked if the website is allowed to access location data as well… Also audio playback is no problem for me on my iOS devices… What device are you using to test?

Edit: audio and GPS also works fine on Android Studio Emulator

Best, Chris