Best Alternative Of Webview Component

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Please help, is there any alternative of WebView component .

I want to convert my website into app but google play policy not allow WebView related app so please help how i convert my website into app without using WebView component.

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Hi, @Thepssaini! :wave:

There’s no alternative to web-viewer, and your idea might get your developer accounts (Play Store & App Store) suspended. Because, (AFAIK) neither iOS store, nor android store accepts blank apps with just a web-view.

How about making a fresh app that corresponds to your website rather than displaying just a website in your app?

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What kind of functionality does your website provide? I ask because thunkable can replicate many but not all things a website completes. Maybe provide a link to your site?

You may be able to use Framwork7 within the webViewer, but that kinda defeats the purpose of using thunkable in the first place IMO. Nonetheless, it’s a super cool potential feature that I have seen users like @actech discuss. I would love to see a nice working version (maybe i missed this part in the examples)

If it is a simple contact form and info about your company, this is very easy to accomplish. You could potentially add a chat feature like a ‘help desk’, a harder task but very useful if you don’t have regular face-to-face contact with your users.

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So what is the solution now how i create

How to get the help you want.

Step 1:

Step 2:

You got the idea for step 1. Now step 2. Nobody can tell you how to make an app without knowing what goes into it first.

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i use webview in barbecue i want to be able to change or ad content is there a way using airtable to change and update some text and image ?

@Thepssaini hello your website is WordPress?

I am going use the new data list view component it is exactly what i need to do over my app