Publicação webview na PLAY STORY

Para publicar uma apenas um app webview na play store, sem ter nada escrito no bloco,é preciso selecionar alguma API no thunkable?

You might want to translate what you want to say into English.

To publish just a webview app on the play store, without having anything written in the block, do I need to select some API in the thunkable?

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This is not easy to answer.

Let me explain using an example. If you are viewing a website in the Web Viewer and this website, at some point, require the user to scan a barcode, for example. This activity requires the camera permission to work but the app will not have this permission and that barcode scanning activity will fail because the app installed does not know that it requires such permission.

In short, you will need to be fully aware of what that website actually presents to the user.

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