Publicação na play story

Densenvolvir um aplicativo de webview no thunkable sem escrever nada no bloco.
o webview funciona perfeitamente ( simples ) , mas, quando eu publico ele na play sotory, o aplicativo instalado direto pela playa story não abre a webview, sõ abre a tela inicial depois fica tudo branco.
gostaria de contratar alguém para resolver esse problema.
whatsapp +55 027 995254964

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You have already asked this question and I advised you to publish it again. It should work. If your second attempt fails then I will publish a sample app very similar to yours and you are welcome to try it and see it working.

We have discussed this in PM and I can publish it for you but you can do this yourself without paying anyone else.

Happy Thunking!

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