Thunkable cross platform iOS how to use Google Maps

Greetings to the whole community
how do I display the google map with the coordinates of the cell phone position ???
Thanks in advance for any help

Hi ddcld,

You can get the coordinates of the cell phone position by using Map and Location Sensor, just use the following blocks:


and then you can also add a location marker my selecting “show user location” in the Maps advanced options



Thank you so much for the answer
Unfortunately it does not work.
My cell phone is a Honor 8 with Android 7.0
when running the code on the screen2 it exits the app.

thanks for all the advice I can have from you.


If you give me a link to your project, then I’ll look at the reason for the crash app on Android.

the link is this
but I believe it is not public.
How can I make the link available ???
thanks for everything

sorry I think the link is this:
otherwise let me know

thank you

Crash occurs when the latitude or longitude setting blocks are being executed:

Error while updating property ‘region’ of a view managed by: AIRMap

Also in screen1 with only map1 and location_sensor1create error and exit the application.
In the classic version everything works wonderfully, BUT, I have
the need to create an app for iOS.

No one has had and solved this problem with Thunkable X ???

(sorry but my english is google translator)

thank you all

I have not seen such errors on iOS devices.

true, but if I run on android I get the app exit.


I apologize to everyone.
here is the story.

January 2018 I created an app with Thunkable classic. for android.
OK everything works great.
the customer asks me to create the app for iOS too.
Here is no longer Thunkable for iOS but Thunkable X.
I start writing ONE APP for iOS and Android but some things
they only work with other iOS only with Android …

I think THUNKABLE is the best way to create apps quickly.
Thanks for the advice you gave me, now on iOS works the part of
recognition of the position PURTROPPO does not work on ANDROID.

You are a fantastic community and I hope that I can contribute to it too
solve some problems.


always in relation to gmap and the position sensor,
how can I get the address from the coordinates,
how can I get the coordinates from an address ??

I rejoice very much.


This information can be obtained using the Google Geocoding API.

It looks something like this (use Web API component and parse JSON-response):

Geocoding and reverse geocoding documentation.

Hi there, I have the same problem. When I use Google Maps and add a marker, on android device, app crashes immediatly. If I test app on Ios there is no crash.

Could you help me to run Google Maps on an android device?

Thank you

What is the link scripted in URL ? I cannot see the full link

Hai actech, the real link

btw thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Forced to disagree with you )). “address” is one of the possible parameters, and my code uses a link like:,-73.961452&key=YOUR_API_KEY