Google Map doesn't appear on my phone (Andriod)


I added both GPS and location sensor into my app. Then I put some blocks like this.


But when I live test on my phone, there is just a gray window appeared on my phone screen. Does it suppose to show a Google Map with my current location? (GPS on my phone was turned on.)

Please help. Thank you

Can you please try this and send us a screenshot of the app? Just to make sure your GPS returns good values. Also make sure that the Zoom property is set to 0. And try to pinch out on the map to check if it is just way too zoomed-in and that is the reason why you see the grey screen.

Thank you. I followed your suggestion. Here is the result screen.

I made sure GPS is on.


I tried to pinch out several times but seemed nothing happen.

Here is my code.


Please help.

Thank you.

Ok try this. Under the Advanced settings of the map, clear the “Provider” field:


Since you are on an iPhone this will switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps. Let me know if it works.

EDIT: Woooops! You are on Android, not iPhone… my bad… let me think a bit more about it.

You can try using: latitude + 0 and longitude + 0 instead of just plain ‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’. Since those blocks return strings, you have to use +0 blocks to convert them into numbers that the map will accept.

The Latitude and Longitude blocks returned by the Location Sensor are numerical. No issue there.

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I got that from I need help making a census app and pet tracker - #23 by drted

Well, this is interesting for two reasons. 1. The expected behavior would be for the app to crash and 2. It works fine on my testing:

This actually does work on my iPhone and Android devices however, I do remember that adding +0 to the returned values is a trick that might work:


@jib.gencodeiwudqi the other thing I would test would be to add manual coordinates and see if you get i.e. Macedonia in Greece:

Latitude: 40.7034387
Longitude: 23.1890137

Make sure you add those in Math (numeric) blocks: image

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Thank you both.

I used Andriod. So should I try the latest advice?

Thank you.

Yeah. Try adding 0 to the latitude and longitude blocks as shown in my reply. Also try setting the manual coordinates in a math block as advised above and let us know if either tests work.

I think it’s about the IOS and Andriod. I tried on my Ipad and Iphone and it worked!
So should I try to change something in the ‘Provider’ property?

I took that comment back. I thought for a second you were on iOS but I then noticed you mention you are on Android:

So, help me understand… When you set the lat and long manually using the coordinates I provided in my previous message, did it work?

Sorry for any confusion. I have 2 andriod phones, one I phone, one IPAD. Usually I tested this project on my Andriods, never tried on IOS. But now I tried to test on both. So IPAD seem to work while Iphone show map but incorrect location. Andriod still doesn’t work either method (0 and manual key in).

Does Google Maps work properly on your Android device?

Google Maps currently works fine on my Andriod phone.


Try with this app: Thunkable

Also, make sure that the Tunkable Live app has permissions to access your phone’s GPS:

By the way, what is the version of your Thunkable Live app?


Thank you. I will update the app and try again.