Location sensor + Maps

Hi there,

I am new to xThunkable and I want to make an app with a maps window and that the map is following my location. I am able to have let the map zoom to my current location. Here are the issues I have:

  • There is no dot on the map showing my location. I don’t mean a marker but just the blue dot showing where I am at the moment.
  • The Location sensor is only giving a single update / position. It is not constantly updating. I played around with the settings timeout and maximum age in location sensor but this does not seem to matter.
  • When changing the block event in the map from onMapReady to onUserLocationChange the map is not updating to the correct location.

Can someone please help me out?


Have you enabled this option in the map’s settings?


I see you are on Android so you may find this post relevant. It describes an issue with the “onUserLocationChange” block working on iOS but not on Android. I have not tested this but what I would do would be to create a timer which would get the current location every x seconds and update the coordinates of the map. May be worth trying.

I believe that if you use the timer as described above, you will solve this issue as well.


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Have you had any luck getting the map component to work w/Android?
I’m having a similar frustrating time trying to get it to work.