An error in running the app in iOS

For the link here I am getting this error while testing on iOS
Below is the screenshot when I click on satellite this is what I get. What could be the solution?

Steps I did -

  • Cleared cache of browser (Chrome latest software)
  • Cleared cache of iPhone
  • Restarted the devices

The problem is from the Map component in the page. You need an API key to make it function.

API key is already added.

Please check

I meant the key for Google Map. See this

The above is not the only problem with your app but is the source of the crash.

You have other issues such as you are using two different type of variable assignment that do not relate to each other.
does not equal to this

The third issue is that the Latitude and Longitude of the Map component expects a number not a text.

It was working on Android. Default Google map is used without keys. Not working on iOS. Main location is being fetched from this API shown in the image.

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It shouldn’t work in Android as well as iOS.

Let me check

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