Critical error occured in live test

An error occured during live testing
Here is a screenshot

It worked several times and since hours it doesn’t work anymore.
I made a web app it works too

@bibbi, is this with the Google Maps component? Looks similar to mine…

If you go into the GitHub bug link I posted, I have similar screenshots to what you shared. Hard to know where the crash is without knowing what components you’re using.

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i don’t use the google maps component i use the web api component


I think the error is due to a size or margin that is not logical such as negative number in the size.

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It’s hard to tell without seeing a screenshot of blocks or anything else. Web API doesn’t need a size. I had a similar error with the map component saying it had no size as well. It worked fine in the web app and Thunkable Live tests and failed in a published Android app. I think it’s something other than the Web API component.

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thank you for paying attention to my difficulties
what concerns me is that it is about facebook in the long list of errors
I believe that it is a particular screen which is the source of the problem
I deleted the initialization sequence “when screen opens” and there are no more errors remains to know which blocks are responsible


I rewrote my application and yet the error remains so it would be in the form why negative values ​​are allowed if thunkable does not support them?

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Can you duplicate your project to a new one then remove all what is not related leaving only the screen that has the issue with sample/dummy information and then share the link to it.

I need to look into the design directly.

Another thing, do you use a Web Viewer in this screen?


here is the link

user :
password : 123azer

no i don’t use webviewer on screen 2

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It works with me.

I can see screen2

It works on device or web preview ?

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Both. I tested it using the computer and using the phone.

Very strange i will have to try on another device

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