Webviewer crashing on Android when use component visible false

Hi Thunkers! After running the webviewer and programming a button to hide the webviewer with the component (webviewer visible = false), the application closes unexpectedly. This only happens for Android devices, it happens to me when I run the apk as well as in Thunkable Live. I think it was affected by the recent update of the WebViewer component. I need an urgent solution :frowning:

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This has been there for a while and not related to recent updates.

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Hi Munner, thnaks for your reply but what do you think is the problem or what is causing this bug ?

@muneer doesn’t work for Thunkable. (Neither do I.). It’s a bug. All we can do is work around it. I suggest making the height and width 1px. Or positioning it off screen.


With the only solution that can give the problem was putting the webviewer in a new screen and when I return to my menu nothing happens. Thanks catsarisky

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Does this project work for you? (Tap the button to hide/show the webviewer) Thunkable

It works on my Android device. If not, do you have a simple example where it doesn’t work. Thanks

and for you this one worked?
A little more information on the subject.

@domhnallohanlon is familiar in detail.