Webviewer Frozen - Can't Scroll, Can't Tap, etc

I am having problems viewing a page loaded via the web viewer. The viewer loads the page content without issue but the page is completely frozen. I can’t scroll, tap, or interact with the page in any way. I can replicate this behavior with the live test functionality and with a compiled app run directly on a phone.

This is not unique to an app I am building; this occurs even when using the New Market Goods tutorial app. I am testing using a phone running stock Android 8.1

Any ideas how to solve this issue?

This page works well in all major browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE? After opening the page, look at the messages in the browser console (F12).

Perhaps the page uses code that is not compatible with the capabilities of the WebViewer. To determine why you need to make a debug page with the message, for example, using the dialog alert after passing each checkpoint.

It isn’t page specific. The page is frozen no matter what url the Web viewer is loading. Google, wikipedia…any url you can think of. Even the Thunkable tutorial app that uses the webviewer is not working.

I am curious if anyone else testing on Android 8.1 is seeing the same issues.

Which components are still used in your project? Perhaps, the problem is not caused by WebViewer, but by another component. If you give me a link to your project, I’ll look it up. If this is not possible, then you need to use the debugger.

The current version of Thunkable X is unstable with Android, but usually the application a crashes, but is not frozen.

i’m having this same issue. even the example new market app freezes on android. it works fine on ios… the webview is mucked up on android.

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As a temporary solution, use an external browser using the “open link” block.

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Hi, I just tried this. I have same problem. But it seems the tap worked if we do double tap each time (do it fast). Hope that helped to improve.

Just a note that we believe that we have a fix in place and it is under review. It should get into the next release.



I am having these issues too! Works on older projects that haven’t been touched (about a month), the issues are stopping me from completing my current project :frowning:

do you know when that release might make its way to live?

It should be within the next week or so.



Hope it gets fixed soon!

hi guys just tried this.
in live test, it’s still not responsive.
but for downloaded apps, it works perfect.
thanks for the fix, looking forward for a live test fix

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i can confirm the same that owen reports… webview works smooth in downloaded .apk versions but not on thunkable live app

Actually it’s working fine. I just hadn’t updated the Thunkable live app on android yet. Smooth as butter now. Sorry for false alarm! Awesome updates! Keep em coming!

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yes update the live app google play and it works fine now