Webviewer crashing on Android when not visible

when you set visible = false (properties or block code) of webviewer… it’s crashing the app only on Android, iOS is working fine. It happens both Thunkable Live and downloaded.
position:absolute not working either
absolute size set to 0, also not working
if no url, it works

my workaround: set absolute height to 0.1 and change background-color of my html to fit app’s color

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In fact it’s not working.
Sometimes the screen crashes, sometimes it doesn’t.
I tested an old APK and everything is normal.
Probably some component updated is causing this.
Is anyone having this issue?

A curious thing that I discover now… it works fine IF the webviewer is in first screen of app. But it doesn’t solve my problem!!

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Thanks for flagging this @lamagalhaes could you use a second screen with your webviewer and navigate back and forth?

How are you using the webviewer visibility in your app?

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@domhnallohanlon tks for you reply!

No, it only works if the screen with the webviewer is the first one.

I need it always unvisible, but I can’t get it by change visiblity property on component or using blocking code ‘set visible to false’

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Why does it need to always be hidden?

I’m not sure how a webviewer works if you can’t see it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The url is an html with several javascript functions that I need.
With this I work with PostMessage and ReceivesMessage of Webviewer.
Learned this from @actech examples

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Any updates on this @domhnallohanlon? The issue continues…

Hi there,

You say that your project works when you test an old APK. When did you most recently download an APK that does allow you to execute your javascript from a hidden Web Viewer?

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Hi Jane,

It was between May 10 and 12, because on May, 13 it already have this issue.

It’s not solved yet…

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Just set the size of the web viewer to the smallest possible and position it off the screen. This way you can leave it visible.

I know about it @muneer, I’m using it like this… but it’s not the ideal.
It appears like a dot in the screen, when you have background color set, other than white.

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It will not if you position it outside of the visible area of the screen.

You can set the X and Y position to -10 for example which will force the component to go off the screen.

I already tried this… but it does crash too

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I have the same problem :frowning: