Apps crashing on Android 10

I have problem with apps build with thunkable.
It keep crashing on Android 10, while same apps working good on Android 7, even works on latest IOS 15.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s the problem, but cannot pin point it.

Here is what I’ve observe so far:

  1. It works, when webviewer is deleted, which is not possible, since some data need to be display via webviewer. The webviewer is inside column which is invisible by default, and user need to toggle button to make it visible.

  2. It works when on apps start, navigation is not set on first screen ( Home ).

  3. It works when, sign-in screen put inside navigator menu. Which is not a solution.

The navigation structure as follow:

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Personally, i dont think theres enough details to give you a proper answer. You said only what works - no idea where is crashing. We cant see any blocks. No ideea where is that WebViewer also.
If is not an issue, you might share your project and maybe someone will eventually come to a solution. :thinking:

Edit myself also was working until few days ago on a different version of Android, then i upgraded to Android 10, then 11, without any issues - so maybe is not Android`s fault - we cant be sure until we have more details, as i said.


When using a Web Viewer you cannot make it invisible nor make the container (row / column) invisible. It has to be visible.

Hi Muneer,
You right, just make the changes as your suggestion, it did works, however sometimes crash.
Then, I try this changes, it works perfectly across all tested device.

This seems to be the requirements on API Level 29 on Android.

URL have to be loaded after webview client set.
So, what I do is, make URL input on webviewer component to empty.
The load the URL in block.

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