WebViewer asks Cookies - iOS rejected the app

Hello everyone,

A new release of my app got rejected recently for these reasons, and it’s strange since it was in the apple store already and nothing changed on that section:

We noticed you collect data to track after the user selects “Ask App Not to Track” on the App Tracking Transparency permission request.

Specifically, we noticed your app accesses web content you own and collects cookies for tracking after the user asked you not to track them.

The web content that they are referring to, it’s a Calendar View in Airtable shown with a WebViewer component within the app.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app so that you do not collect data for tracking purposes if the user does not give permission for tracking.

How can I revise my app to do that? It’s aWebViewer component and it’s up to Airtable on which i have no control over.

Alternatively, if you do not collect cookies for tracking purposes, revise the cookie prompts that appear in your app to clarify you do not track users.

I can’t revise the cookie prompts that appears again because it’s a WebViewer and it comes automatically once opened the URL.

I never faced an issue like this before, somebody did already?
Thank you for your kind replies

Here the screenshots:

Hello @maurizio.polverini89
Because your app is using the Webviewer you will need to add a tracking description.
For example : This app accesses X website. Your data may be shared with this website to facilitate functionality.

Do you mean in the box “Usage Tracking Description” in the screen where there are all the app details such as name, description, versions, firebase api, ecc… ?

Thank you, i will try that!

@maurizio.polverini89 Yes, there. Let us know if it worked.