Webview cleartext error

Hi everyone, so I have a webview that was working a few weeks ago but today I get an error “ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED”, this is apparently a new issue with android 8 but an easy fix if you have access to the manifest and as far as I know thunkable doesn’t provide that. The web page is on the local network, any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Have a look at this,

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Thanks for reply,
I would need access to AndroidManifest.xml to change that which I cant find on thunkable

Did you see this

When you call “https://darkorbit.com/” your server figures that it’s missing “www” so it redirects the call to “http://www.darkorbit.com/” and then to “https://www.darkorbit.com/”, your WebView call is blocked at the first redirection as it’s a “http” call. You can call “https://www.darkorbit.com/” instead and it will solve the issue.

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Update: I’m now using ssl but it says that certificate authority is not trusted, please advise