Can WebViewer display a localhost web page?

I’m developing a thunkable app for our office use only. Trying to open a webpage in my localhost displays an error “err_cleartext_not_permitted” and I read in the docs that "the URL must include https:// ".

Does it mean that WebViewer only allows HTTPS? Is there any other way to use HTTP only?

I’m new here in Thunkable. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Where are you serving the page from and where are you trying to view it?

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The page is hosted in my laptop and I’m trying to view it in my thunkable app.

Is there a way that I can view my website (hosted in my laptop) in my thunkable app using HTTP only?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it is possible.
If you have the code file:

  1. Save your code in your laptop. Give it a name.
  2. Click on assets at the bottom of your app’s component tree
  3. Click ‘choose a file or drag it here’.
  4. Attach your saved code file.
  5. Add a web-viewer to your app,
  6. Set the URL of your web-viewer to the name of your newly-added asset.
    You’re done!

My web app will be hosted in a local area network only, it stores data in a MySQL database. The web app is not accessible in WebViewer. My Thunkable App scans QR Code then saves the data in the database.

I need the WebViewer to accept HTTP URLs. Is there a way to use HTTP or is there any component/object that can be used like WEB component in AppInventor.

Thanks for replying.

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If you can reach your web pages using your browser then you can use it in web viewer.

For http you need to see which port your server is channelling the service through and use it in the URL.

I created a simple web browser to display the error message produce by the WebViewer…

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Well, you aren’t using a publicly available IP. So no. If you want to access a file on a computer in your home network, that’s not gonna work.

Your webbrowser is searching the world for that number. It doesn’t exist to the webviewer because it’s not looking at your home network, it’s searching the world wide web.

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