Google Blocks App due to Webview SSLErrorHandler Vulnerability

Google has removed my app with the following message :
We found that your app contains security vulnerabilities, which can expose user information or damage a user’s device. This is a violation of Device and Network Abuse policy. Specifically, your app(s) are vulnerable to Webview SSLErrorHandler.

In my app, I use a webview to display google site.

Is anyone understand the problem ?

have u put ads?

No, it is a simple Google Site.
It contains :

  • texte, image
  • embeded youtube video
  • Google Forms

oh ok thats strange.
have u done anything on ur own cuz that maters . a simple sites for google wont accept

I don’t think so.
Sites are in https.
They are stored in a google workplace account.
For exemple, a demo site that I use :

In my app, I use multiple google site with url stored in firebase.
When a user i s connected, I find in firebase its google site URL and display it in a webview.

All sites are made with Google site.

maybe someone reportted ur site
try and add splash and see

what do you mean try and add splash ?

yes yes yes

@domhnallohanlon and @wei ,

Could this be a side effect of some of the changes your team has been working on?


he asked what you mean
and you are telling

what does this mean?

this means use splash and try

but what does this mean explain more

when app opens an logo comes and disappear and navigates to the next screen

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