Web Viewer Problem June 2020

I have an odd web viewer problem that I’m going in circles trying to debug. What’s odd is (I believe) it was working yesterday, so I’m leaning towards it might even be a bug.

Short description:

Once set the first time, Web viewer will NOT (re)Set URL to the same domain. If I switch domains temporarily and go back, though, it works.

Longer description:

  1. Web viewer loads a site
  2. On the site you can pick a report to run, run it, and it opens a PDF (or other format)
  3. I have the Home tab set to load the main URL
  4. I have button “Back 1” to load the same main URL
  5. I have button “Back 2” to load Thunkable.com (you’ll see why in a second)
  6. If I click any links on web viewer page (site) itself, the web viewer correctly navigates to that link.
  7. Problem Here: If I then click either Home or Back 1, NOTHING CHANGES. Set URL does not work. It’s ignored. I even added a web viewer reload at one point, and I can see the reload refresh, but URL doesn’t change.
  8. If I click Back 2 to load Thunkable (or any other site), it loads, and…
  9. I can THEN click Back 1 and the main site will correct load/Set URL properly. Note, I believe clicking Home should also always open the main site again, but that’s not working either.
  10. Also note, if I click Settings or Info, those views load but going back to Home does NOT reset/reload/set the URL correctly either.

Here is screenshot from test app:

Here are blocks for that view:

The site is a demo site, so nothing top secret. The URL that should be loading/reloading is formatted like this:


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I am having the same problem, cant seem to fix it.
Whats weird is that you can print out the current URL, and even when you have navigated to a totally different page or website within the webviewer, it will still consider the page you are on currently to have the same URL as you started with…
The URL doesnt actually change when navigating through the internet, it just remains the start url.


Thanks, Thomas, for confirming I’m not crazy. It’s got to be a bug. Hopefully someone on staff will confirm on Monday. And hopefully it will be resolved quickly.

Can someone confirm this is a bug? Do I need to post on Github? Please advise.

Hi there,

This does seem to be an issue on our end.
Could you please file an issue in our public github repository?


Yes, I will file an issue in Github. In the meantime, I’ve created a workaround/hack for this issue. Hopefully it will help others.

I created a “dummy” HTML file called reset.html (uploaded here as text file). Just upload it as a local file (rename to .html before uploading).

To reset your web viewer, navigate to reset.html, pause 1 second, then navigate back to your main URL.

Here is my code block. I added a loading icon so the one second pause isn’t as noticeable.


reset.txt (71 Bytes)

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Created GitHub issue:

This issue appears to be fixed even though nothing has been mentioned about it in release notes or in the GitHub ticket.

Tôi hoàn toàn không view vào được trang web của mình
Mặc dù mọi thứ vẫn đang rất tốt

Uploading: screenshot_1616869097.png…

Cứ Loading như thế,không có gì xảy ra tiếp theo

@tunguyen2000vn111e I used Google Translate and got:

“I can’t view my website at all
Things are still going well though”

Are you using https to connect to your site?

Yes,I have an SSL certificate installed
It doesn’t work on pro version. !!!

Can you share your project link with me so I can take a closer look?


Thank brooo

I have the same problem, I think. This is what I see when I put in the web address. I am very new to this, but can someone please help me?

What happens when you Preview it? It should display the website.

I have the following problem. As URL I use a local file that contains script to display a QR code.

When I use the application from android, many times it fails and tells me that it cannot find the domain. When I do an installable, iOS works correctly but android crashes the application.

The URL is indicated in the properties of the webViewer and then, I simply update the url with a join of the initial url plus the character? and finally the text with which I want to display the QR code.