Webviewer Set URL


What I want to have happen is when I navigate around on my webviewer, I want the URL to change to that current page. Right now, when I pull the URL, it only matches what I set the starting page to be and not the page that I am on.

Help Please!

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


The page is designed to be a custom internet browser with two built in buttons at the top. These two buttons will automatically make a QR code, and automatically make a short bit.ly link for the page you are viewing.

The problem I have is that no matter where I navigate to within the Web Viewer, the URL that is always pulled is Google (since it was set to that a the beginning.

Any help is appreciated!

ist seems to be you are using Thunkable X?
I now changed the topic of your thread accordingly

If the value of WebViewer.URL changed when moving to sites, then I would jump with happiness. But so far this function is not available. Whether you like this solution:

  1. In Safari, go to the desired page
  2. Copy its url in the Text Input
  3. Click on the button, decode the received string and assign it WebViewer.URL

Bummer!! That seems to be the only thing missing for this page to be AWESOME!

Our teachers constantly complain about going to QR code makers, and Short URL makers and all the spam that comes with it. This custom browser does both in just a click!!