Webview url not changing

i am updating my app again and the webview when i click change url wont change

i have a Url in webview in that same webview goes to another url i try to back to original url it wont change.
it was working before

hey @Mikas_3D

What blocks are you using to do this?

How are you testing it?

This is a bug I mentioned previously:

Hey @knownkeep - I’m not sure if this is a bug so much as it was just how the component was originally designed? But, to be fair, I why there’s a disconnect between that the block is called and the value it returns.

My understand was that it always returned the default URL so I was just interested in this remark at the end:

it was working before

I said the same thing in my post. Please see my previous post.

how the component was originally designed?

The bottom line is web viewer should navigate to ANY URL when it’s set/reset. Period. Everytime. I don’t even understand why it would “check” to see if it was set before other than to try to avoid an unnecessary reload. Either way it’s wrong/buggy. (I say that respectfully — not argumentatively)

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well i used back and reload works on iphone but not on Android