Button dependent upon Web Viewer URL

Is there a way to make variable that checks the current URL for a webviewer so that it knows to either reload the screen or go to another screen depending on the current url when a button is clicked?

Hi there. What do you mean by checking the current URL for a webviewer? Do you mean something like this?

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That looks like it will work, but I think I am doing something wrong.

It just goes back to the other screen and not changing webpages. Sorry, im still learning the blocks.

The algorithm on your image does not work correctly. Try using just one “If do else” block to create all the branches.

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Sorry for the late response, I was out for the last two weeks. After looking at my code, it looked over complicated.

I tried simplifying it, but it still just navigates to the other screen instead of reloading the webviewer. Any thoughts on this?

If you give me a link to your project, then I will correct it. If this project is not for public use, then step-by-step debugging and look at the values ​​that you are comparing. If there is a transition to another screen, then the condition Web_Viewer2.URL = text in the right block

I understood. WebViewer.URL stores the value you specified to it initially. When changing the site address, WebViewer.URL does not change its value! This feature of the current version of Thunkable X.

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I sent you a link in a message.

Thank you!

Good. I already answered you here and there.

Is there a solution yet?

Unfortunately there is no simple solution. There is only using online, Firebase, HTML and Javascript

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