Web Viewer does not update the variable

Hi, i’m a new user and i’m experiencing some problems in using the WebViewer.

I would like to show into the label below the web viewer the URL of the website I’m visiting by clicking a button, I used google as the first page to be loaded.

Once I launch the app Google opens and if I press the button “https//google.com” is correctly printed into the label.

The problem arises when I change the web page e.g. (go on the Wikipedia page), when I click the button the label is not updated.
How can I solve this ??

Here below the screen of the app and the code
thanks to all of those who will take a minute to help me.

Have a nice day !

I was recently trying to make a button in my app do different things depending on the current url of the web viewer. WebViewer.URL stores the value you specified to it initially. When changing the site address, WebViewer.URL does not change its value. How can I fix it ?

Thanks in advance

I’m trying to build an app that displays two web pages in 2 Web Viewers ( in the upper and lower half of the screen ) and that has to check if these pages are equal while the user navigates. (Image below)

For example, let’s say I open on the upper Web Viewer the Google main page and on the lower one the apple web page.

Once the page are loaded i search on Google( Upper WV) the apple web site.

I would like my app to notify the user that the two pages displayed are the same.

I tried by checking the URL of the two Web Viewers but it does not work, it seems that the URL variables are not updated every time I change page

From your experience are there any other methods to check if the 2 pages are the same ? It doesn’t have to require mandatorily the URL. I could work also with the text on the page or the html code or java.
Thank you so much

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