Check if two web pages are the same

HI, i’m new on thunkable.
I’m trying to build an app that displays two web pages ( in the upper and lower half of the screen ) and that has to check if these pages are equal while the user navigates.

I tried by checking the URL of the two Web Viewers but it does not work.
The variable i use to store the URL of the two pages does not get updated when the page changes.

Can u please suggest me some other ways to check if the web pages are equal?


@antoriccio9s this isn’t possible right now but we’re working on an update for the webviewer which should be available in the coming weeks and that will allow you to dynamically get the URL the way you want.

Sounds like an interesting idea for an app, just wondering who will be using an app the displays two websites at the same time? Would be great to learn a little more about what you’re trying to build!

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I use at least two or more browsers most of the time. I’d see this being more useful on a large screen. Cool idea though!

What kind of stuff are your users doing on the sites?

For the moment just surfing the web, this was just an idea because i always open loads of tabs on my browsers and most of the time the same page is opened twice.

Anyway I’m still struggling to solve this issue, since using the URLs seems impossible i’m thinking about changing the way I check if the pages are the same.
For example using HTML code or reading the page text.

Thanks for the support!

Since the URL way seems not doable for now i’m thinking about other methods to check if the 2 web pages are the same.

From your experience are there any other methods to check if the 2 pages are the same ?
It doesn’t have to require mandatorily the URL.

I could work also with the text on the page or the html code or java.
Do you think any of these solution is feasible ?

Hi, I was wandering when the update you mentioned will come out, can u please tell me if it will take weeks or months ?

Thank you so much !

The second post tells you it will be in the coming weeks.

Please read all replies carefully before asking a question that has already been answered.

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Hi everyone,
Sorry to bother you @domhnallohanlon,
are there any news on the update for the Web Wiewer?

Thank you in advance