Checking if two web pages are the same

I’m trying to build an app that displays two web pages in 2 Web Viewers ( in the upper and lower half of the screen ) and that has to check if these pages are equal while the user navigates. (Image below)

For example, let’s say I open on the upper Web Viewer the Google main page and on the lower one the apple web page.

Once the page are loaded i search on Google( Upper WV) the apple web site.

I would like my app to notify the user that the two pages displayed are the same.

I tried by checking the URL of the two Web Viewers but it does not work, it seems that the URL variables are not updated every time I change page

From your experience are there any other methods to check if the 2 pages are the same ? It doesn’t have to require mandatorily the URL. I could work also with the text on the page or the html code or java.
Thank you so much

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