Web viewer not working properly when apps are published

Hi, i have published my app on android and also on IOS.
the issue is when in thunkable live test app. when i click a button a webview is visible and showing me the content from the firebase, but when published its not showing me any webviewer

I am using web viewer like in above screenshot…

Please help me on this

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You use the protocol data:. It works well in Live, but is not officially supported when installing the application. If you need this feature, ask it from the developers (https://docs.thunkable.com/bugs-and-feature-requests)

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thanks for your ereply actech, can you please help me to know if there is way to display text and image in a page with and without web viewer

@videshi.in.germanydr, Do you really need to display your data via HTML? Thunkable has a fairly rich set of styling options that might be able to do what you want without resorting to HTML. If you can give us an example of what your data looks like and how you’d like it to be displayed, folks might be able to give you some ideas on how to do it.

Also note that if you do what I suggest, you might want to do it in a new topic, since the title of this topic won’t necessarily reflect the sort of help that you will then need.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to show here news… formatted text with images… I don’t think without html it is possible to reflect as in single source of data…

If I want to show images in between text using labels and images I need to do a lot of formatting

But as you can see from above example I can store them in html format and can display user as a single data format and only need to format it in html format

In my app it’s useful for news and for explaining some process documents

Please note what I said and post in a new topic: